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GPX waypoint "storedlocation.slc" generator

If you want to manually add new charging stations or other waypoints to the navigation system of the Nissan Leaf it can become quite a job. You do have the possibility to put a "storedlocation.slc" on a SD card and import that file into the navigation system. But therefor you first need to generate a storedlocation.slc. You will need two elements for that. First a GPX waypoint file and then the Python script gpx2slc from Goingelectric:  https://www.goingelectric.de/forum/nissan-leaf-infotainment/pois-zum-leaf-navi-hinzufuegen-t3465-90.html#p238448

Based on the gpx2slc script I created this online storedlocation.slc generator:

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the storedlocation.slc file
Simply enter the waypoints and generate the storedlocation.slc file.
First export the addressbook from the Leaf to a SD card. After that you should copy the folder userdata from the SD card to your PC as a backup. Then copy (overwrite) the downloaded storedlocation.slc file to the SD-card in just that folder called userdata. Important: All other files should remain there, otherwise the import procedure will fail. Now you can import the addressbook into the Leaf. Proceed as explained in Nissan's navigation manual (3-71):

(use a USB stick on 2016/17 models, not a SD card)
Other websites that generate a storedlocation.slc

I had to edit the poi_collection.py file in line 98 and 99 (bug?):
lon = float(entry['lon'])
lat = float(entry['lat'])

As backup here the original, unchanged gpx2slc.zip from the Goingelectric forum.