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Tour log

This tour log is written every night during the tour.

I'm very sorry to say, that an extra English version of the blog is not doable during the tour. Here I have to refer to the German version:


Even if German is not your language, there are maps and some nice pictures there :-)

Live tracking. Where we are with glympse

The organizer of the eTour Europe has provided us with special mobile phones with EU-Flatrate and Glympse. This makes sense, because with these devices the live location of all cars can be shown on a website. So friends, family and fans can check who is in front and who is stranded at a charging station ...


Today we put the first bunch of stickers of our sponsors and mediapartner on the car. Many thanx to our early bird sponsors. We have lots of space left, so the search for more financial partners continues. You are invited ...

Looking for sponsors

As for all real rallyes we need to jam-pack our car with sponsor messages :-)

Beside our starter number, flags and the name of the pilot and the co-pilot there is still loads of space left, as you can see on this picture ...


Adventure here we come :-)

Christian and me registered for this years eTour Europe!
3.800 km with the Leaf through Europe. 9 capitals in 9 days.

We will start on the 06/09/2017. Starting point Odeonsplatz, Munich ...