Station available

Update 04/08/2023:

As the prices for electricity are at an alltime high, the threshold to charge at our station without "donating" the price seems to got lower. Therefor we decided to switch off the station for public usage. In urgent need of a charge (and if we are at home) we can unlock the charging station.

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Charging station software # OVMS Leaf # Charging stations App # Leaf towbar # storedlocation.slc # OCPP Server

Dear visitor.

Welcome to our website.

On this site you can find information about emobility and on our wallbox, where you can charge your electric car.

In the left upper corner you can see the status of the charging station. "Station available" means that you can use the station. "Station charging" means that the station is currently busy. We provide charging for one car.

To charge your car, you will need a Typ 2 charging cable or adapter (5 meters). The station delivers a maximum of 380 V, 32 A (triphase), but can also bring 220 V, 16 or 32 A (monophase). You can find more technical information under the link "Charging station". Here you can also find an overview of the hard- and software we used.

If you are interested in remote, online access to your Nissan Leaf by OVMS, take a look here. My Android app of the "Goingelectric Widget" for finding charging stations is here.

Site seeing tips on what to do during charging in our beautiful Thalham / Attenkirchen can be read under the link "Thalham".

Enjoy browsing this site and perhaps we will see you soon, charging your car at our station here in D-85395 Attenkirchen / Thalham (Germany).

Chris and Sonja van der Meijden