Station available

Loads of apps exist to help you on finding the next charging station. Most of these (Android) apps are programmed with integrated Google services. I don't like the idea, that my usage behaviour of the app is communicated to Google. Especially as location information is included.

There are notable exceptions, i.e. Openchargemap. One of my favourite apps for Android (uses Google services since version 7.1.2).

Furthermore GoingElectric does a great job with a superb charging station register. This register is now also available as a  widget.

The widget made me think, if it would be possible to compile it by using cordova to create a simple Android app. And it worked :-) The functions of the app are fairly basic and there won't be any further development. I can filter and search for charging stations. Nothing more, nothing less. The app gets all its information from GoingElectric, so it needs online access. Should there be changes on the server side of GoingElectric the app probably will stop working.

The creation of this app was just a little gimmick for me, with the result of a simple, practical app without any privacy issues.

Who wants to test the app can download it here:

ge_app1_5.apk (2,0 MB, new version 10/21/2020)

Location detection and all Google connections are disabled in the app.

As I have no connection to the Apple world and I don't want to pay the fees for providing the app in Apple's app store, I didn't make an IOS version (iPhone). If anybody would like to do so, just sent me a mail. The code should compile in cordova for IOS just as easy.

Everything completely without warranty and support.

Have fun ...

11/02/2016 (obsolete): I compiled an IOS version. You can download an unsigned ipa file here ge-app.ipa It runs in my emulator. How to"sideload" an ipa file to your iPhone you will have to find out your self.