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09/08/2019 Visiting the "Eberhofer" roundabout

In the Twizy forum "Oekopax" had the great idea to plan a round trip with our Twizys from Erding to Frontenhausen and back. Destination the "Eberhofer" roundabout.


The Eberhofer roundabout plays a hugh role in the movies of the Eberhofer detective stories by Rita Falk. The movies reached quite a cult status here in Bavaria. The roundabout and the original film locations in Frontenhausen have also become quite a visitors attraction. The village of Frontenhausen has put extra information and a special flyer on their website:


"Oekopax" planned a few more fun events along the trip. Which makes sense, because the tour takes about 140 km. A Twizy has a range of about 70 km in the summer by "normal" driving. So we need a few charging stops (more short stops are better than a few long stops). As the Twizy takes its time while charging with 240v, 10a we need charging stops with some entertainment.

These were the planned events:

1. A little charging stop  in Wartenberg
Just to be sure :-)

2. Via Landshut to the oldtimer museum Adlkofen

3. The Eberhofer roundaboutl and Frontenhausen
Org.-footage Oekopax in the forum: "Here we will do a few rounds (the very brave driving in reverse)"

4. To Aham to the "Stoi Cafe" (Yummie, great cakes)

5. Charging stop Vilsbiburg
I.e. visit of the museum Vilsbiburg

6. Charging stop Taufkirchen
I.e. charging point at the dinosaur museum
or at the charging point of the lido

7. Back at the starting point Erding.

Definitely loads of nice activities during the charging time :-)

At our destiny in Frontenhausen we can use the, quite funny, flyer made by the village of Frontenhausen (where do we find location 12?). But to bring the flyer a bit more into the 21. century, I made two GPX files including the film locations and their route.

1. Film locations

2. Route of the  film locations

These GPX files can be imported into a lot of navigation devices. I tagged the locations exactly as described in the folder made by the village of Frontenhausen. With these files you get your own "guided tour" within your navigation device.

I.e. you can import these files into the free, offline navigation software Osmand on your smartphone. Therefor you have to import the film locations file as "favourites" and the film route file as "GPX file". Whem you go to "My places" -> "Tracks" -> "Imported" within Osmand and make the track visible, you then can select the tour as navigation and start the tour.

Here you can also view the film locations directly online at Openrouteservice within your browser.

Our Twizys in the roundabout:


Big fun, or great "Gaudi" as they say here in Bavaria :-)