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GPS tracking

Long distance travelling with electric vehicles is in the year 2016 still an adventure. It takes special planning and the charging waiting time needs some entertainment.

In several internet forums people are announcing their long distance travelling and plannings are discussed. Some drivers even film their journeys and put the finished movies on the wellknown platforms.

A special highlight is the live tracking of an actual journey, so fellow forum readers can watch the journey live on the internet by a GPS tracking service.

A GPS tracker is a piece of software, that allows the driver with an app on his mobile phone to transfer his actual GPS coordinates to a web server. On that web server viewers who know the corrosponding web address can track the actual position of the driver live.

A popular GPS Tracking-Service is www.glympse.com

This service is widely known and well functioning. Though I prefer a bit more privacy. Therefor I set up my own GPS tracking service on our web server.

At the links on the right (Chris, Sonja) you can track our journeys live, as long as we activate this service. This won't happen that often, so please don't be disappointed, if you don't see actual movement under these links :-)