Station available

To test the station real live, I borrowed a Renaut ZOE for the weekend from our nearby Renault Dealer, Autohaus Müller in Freising/Achering, Very friendly and uncomplicated.

The first charging went flawless. Plug in the wallbox, switch on the wallbox to "on", plug in the car. Charging. Allthough only on 16A:

The charging cable is standard from Renault, so should do 32A ... It seems there is some more testing to do ...

It also seems to be important in which order you connect the charging cable. When I first plug in the car und then plug in the station the ground fault circuit interrupter goes :-(

Strange. It also went, when I tested the pre-heater of the ZOE. So the project continues ...

I will post updates here ...

Followup: I did some more tests with the order of the cable connection and with the heater. No more failing ground faults. No explantion, but it works.

Followup 2: The mistery of the "no 32A" coud be explained by the outer temperature now (November 2014). At a battery temparature under 8 degrees celsius the ZOE goes into a reduced charging mode. More testing on that needed.

Followup 3: The ground fault circuit interrupter in my cellar continued in making trouble. It was an architecture fault. In my wall box is a ground fault circuit interrupter type B and it is behind a ground fault circuit interrupter type A in my cellar. This is not allowed. For good reasons. DC fault current passes the type B. This "blindfolds" the prior type A by loading it's magnet. This blocks the type A. Not good! I replaced the type A in my cellar by a type B. This architecture is allowed and I have no more ground fault circuit interrupter trouble anymore.

Followup 4 (10/17/2021): "Jan" wrote me a Mail with some latest information on the circuit interrupters. He wrote:

Since 2018 in Germany a circuit interrupter is mandatory for every circuit. But normally a Type A with 30mA is enough.

Legaslation on charging stations asks for a DC sensitive ciruit interrupter with 6mA switch current. This can be Type B or Type B+. It is important the switch current is 6mA. Because 6mA won't make the Typ A "blind".

Type B+ is specially made to be used behind a Type A.

(The manufacturer) asks for a Type A to secure the flow from the main circuit to the charging station and offers the 6mA protection to the vehiclöe by itself.

Thanx for the input to Jan :-)